H A P P Y hump day, friends. 

I went to Nordstrom (online, of couse) becuase TIBAL told me my husband needs new Tommy John under shirts (they are currently on sale). While I was there I did the usual thing I do... browse the sale section AND check out the kids toys. These are my weaknesses. Full diclosure, Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop. Their prices aren't bad, I've really never had a low quality product from Nordstrom, free shipping, easy returns and if you have a Nordstrom card their points system is a nice little bonus. Of course they have lots of high end items I aspire to purchase. But they have plenty of items that are the exact same price as Amazon. 

I ended up buying Georgia (my 17 month old) a scooter (#15). I'm really hoping I did not also, buy myself a ticket to the emergency room. TBD. Fingers crossed. 

Here are a few kids items I bought and lots of options I wanted to buy. Enjoy!

1. Pink shimmery cowgirl boots

2. Velcro sneakers (also come in navy)

3. Magnetic puzzles

These are going to be great in the car. I just know it!

4. Pyramid stacking blocks

5. Rainbow glitter purse

I missed out on some cute options during Thanksgiving sales so I snapped this one up. Georgia approved of the color. 

6. Hooded towel set

7. Glitter rain boots

Who doesn't need glitter rain boots? Why doesn't this color come in my size?

8. Red rain boots

9. Colorblock hooded sweater

10. Puppy make Mischief book

11. Wooden garden

12. Music set

13. Zoo animal train set

14. Squirtie bath set

15. Skip Hop ride on dog toy

Send your thoughts and prayers our way, please and thanks. 

16. If I were an elephant book

17. Thermal heart pajamas


18. Wooden farm train

19. Fish lacing toy

20. Wooden doll house

If I hadn't already purchased a doll house as a Christmas gift, this one would be on the way to me now. So cute!

Totally unrealted to kids toys, but I also bought this magic eraser four pack. Thought it would be a cute gift item to send with giftcards to my nieces. Add I've been wanting to try one myself. And maybe the fourth will go to a white elephant party. Four gifts in one = good purchase!

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