Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday... I thought Thursday night was the kick off but starting last weekend sale emails and ads on Instagram were in full swing. I'm all for a deal and I love a discount but I really felt myself almost buying things that were simply not necessary this year. Maybe I just have a different lens right now or maybe I'm tired and weary from so much activity leading up to Thanksgiving (and a sick toddler). Maybe I am just being a touch cynical?! So to be fair, here is a list of things I bought this week. Most of them were things I was actually looking for but of course a few unnecessary items slipped in. 

Happy shopping friends, or don't do any shopping... whatever floats your boat :) You do YOU!

D A U G H T E R: 


Christmas gift from her Grandma. I've seen some super cute remodels of wood playhouses and I would love to think I could pull that off. This one is cute already so if I don't end up painting the door I will still be happy looking at it and Georgia will love it! And it was cheaper than some of the plastic playhouse options. 

Play Kitchen (58% off)

Also a gift from another Grandma. I couldn't bring myself to ask for the Pottery Barn equivalent ($499 originally) but now that one is on sale for $347 so I'm having buyers remose and I didn't even buy this item. If you are on the hunt here's the link to the PB version you've probably seen all over Instagram. 

Doll House (buy one get one half off)

Let's just say, Jeff has a lot of items sitting in our garage that need to be assembled. 

Navy bow shoes

Becuase I can't say no to cute toddler shoes. 

The Beaufort Bonnet Co Pink Friday Sale (40% off)

Becuase I fear being judged I'm simply going to link to the sale page. I overbought. I have a weakness for cute kids clothing. 40% off with code PINKFRIDAY

H U S B A N D:

JBL Wireless headphones ($10 off)

This will be his third pair of wireless headphones. I'm hoping he doesn't lose or break these #fingerscrossed

Phone Soap (30% off)

He likes gadgets and I like to clean my phone with lysol wipes so it's a win win for our household. I hope he doesn't read this, maybe he'll pretend to be surprised. 

Hat liners (25% off)

He's a sweaty guy, tmi but enough said. Stocking stuffer maybe. 

Beard Trimmer

He requested a new one and sent this link. 

M E: 

Faux Dyson (30% off)

For $31 I will try this out. I read reviews and have 75% faith it's basically a Dyson without the pricetag. I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. I hate buying a knockoff but I also like keeping my money in the bank when I can. It's a personal predicament. But hairdryers is where I bend my "no fakes" rule. 

JCrew Factory Coat

I don't have one like this, looks like a good quality, 60% off and free shipping with code: YAYDEALS

Inexpensive tripod for my phone

Handy to have around. Already use it on Thanksgiving for a group photo. 

Santa earrings

Clearly an unnecessary item that slipped in. Super cute, showed up quickly! I also saw them on Alibaba for $2 but that takes three months for delivery, time is money people. I won't need them for $2 in February. 

Tan flats

Saw these in Target in black and they were cute but I needed the tan color. 

M O M / M O T H E R in L A W: 

Bogg Bag

MiL saw one and liked it, found them on sale so it was a win win!

Plush Throw(30% off)

Not Barefoot Dreams but looks comfy!


I wore mine on Thanksgiving and she liked it. 

H O M E: 

I guess this could be listed under "Me" but it's really for all of us to enjoy #rationalizing hah

9ft prelit garland

For our front door area. Cheap enough that I don't care if they get messed up but I'm hopeful it will last a few seasons. 

Christmas Tree

I couldn't pull the trigger on a flocked tree. Maybe a small one next year and have two trees?! I'm just not sure if we are a two tree house or not, tbd. 

Lighted Giftboxes (front yard)

My neighborhood really gets into the seasonal decorating so this (and the garlands) is my attempt to participate.