” A monogram is your name boiled down the essence, executed with graphic artistry”
- Glenn O’Brian

Hi Friends,

I'm Tammy, the owner, founder, designer, and employee of the month (every month) of Sequins & Lipstick Paper Co! Here's a little bit more info about my shop's story...

--What is Sequins & Lipstick? Do you sell sequins or lipstick?

Nope, instead this shop sells an everyday celebration... fun, sassy, shiny, personalized items that make you smile when you use them! Every day is a celebration and helping you surround yourself with items you love is our mission. So wear your favorite lipstick (or sequins), use your personalized napkins, burn the fancy candle, send a handwritten note on your pretty stationery! Enjoy your favorite things in life, don't hide them away for a special occasion.

--How did S&L Paper Co start?

Sequins & Lipstick was founded during the Spring of 2014 and started out designing monogrammed items and acrylic paintings... the shop has definitely come a long way! Since then, all of my creative energy snowballed into stationery design, party supplies, and personalized gifts.

During 2015 Sequins & Lipstick branched into the paper goods and party supply industry. With that change I added "Paper Co" to the name! The shop offers a plethora of options for wedding receptions and parties.... invitations, matchbooks, napkins, party cups, straws, ribbon, bags, and drink stirrers just to name a few! S & L Paper Co. works with multiple printing vendors across the US to produce high quality, stylish yet affordable options for your home, party, or wedding.

-- Who is Tammy?
I grew up having a great appreciation for colorful, stylish, personalized items. Getting engaged and planning a wedding only heightened my obsession with personalized products. I love bold patterns and surrounding myself (and my home) with lots of color.

-- Why did you name your shop Sequins & Lipstick?

Well... on my Las Vegas bachelorette party my friends and I wore a lot of sequins (we definitely over did it). And we seemed to discover lipstick for the first time in our lives on that trip. I am not kidding, we wore it everywhere we went. We tagged every picture we took with #sequinsandlipstick ! The trip was such a fun memory and symbolized a special celebration in my life. I thought a shop specializing in celebratory gifts deserved a catchy name like Sequins & Lipstick. Feel free to dig back in the depths of Instagram for some fun bachelorette party pics. There will probably be sequins and lipstick in all of them!

-- The process --

I know how exciting online orders are and I want you to get the info you need asap!!! I truly try my best to reply to questions as quickly as I can. Keep in mind that printing production happens on business days {not on weekends}.

Fun designs, colorful patterns, and customer happiness is S & L Paper Co's main objective. I absolutely love happy customers and thoroughly enjoy hearing about how S & L products were used at your event. Feel free to use the hashtag #slpaperco to show your love of our fun, colorful, personalized products.

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